nathalie koger

Blind Date with Baldessari / Projects and Assignments

2011 | installation, performance | Texts: "What remains no longer is"  | "No more labyrinth"

  • Nathalie Koger
    "Plant stock Kapusta & Lugbauer
    before RAL 6002 foliage green"
    in the back work by Simona Obholzer
    and Su jeong Shin-Goldbach

    Within the exhibition Projects and Assignments, curated by Andrew Berardini, I extended my individual position and enlarged the field of participating artists. Berardini invited six positions as assignments, to the address of which there were six artists living in Vienna chosen to submit themselves. I decided on John Balderassi’s assignment. In this there are 109 instructions / proposals that were written for students some decades ago.

    Number 5 served me as a pattern for the selection of artists and artistic works: "How can plants be used in art? (...)". This was extended by Fahim Amir saying "How can animals be used in art?" One of the reasons was that I felt that there has been so much work created since Baldessari has written this assignment and I used the chance to look into this. The passing-on and taking-on of authorship and reference work in the handling of artistic work were important momentums of the exhibition.

  • Poster for
    Nathalie Koger
    "Blind Date
    with Baldessari"
    Projects and
    Vienna, 2011

    with artistic contributions by:
    Fahim Amir
    Maria Giovanna Drago
    Christian Philipp Müller
    Simona Obholzer
    Su jeong Shin-Goldbach
    Sofía Táboas