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Symposium to the Exhibition | The Return of the Old Ghosts

The symposium programme has been conceived and organized with Julia Hay, Claudia Lomoschitz and Natascha Muhic. Supported by Thomas Ballhausen and Nathalie Koger. | A cooperation of the Academy of Arts, Vienna, and of the Austrian Film Archive. | Time | 27–29 October 2011
Venue | Filmarchiv Austria, Studiokino, Obere Augartenstraße 1 e, 1020 Wien

  • Press material from Thomas Ballhausen
    Press material from Thomas Ballhausen
  • Associated with the exhibition "The Return of the Old Ghosts”, there is a symposium to take place in the studio cinema of Filmarchiv Austria. In the context of three topical key aspects and through lectures, film examples and project presentations, academy-related positions will be summoned into a dialogue with commensurable external works of art. Both, works of students and film contributions of our day, as well as treasures from the collections of the film archive, will be offered for discussion.

Thursday, 27 October 2011, 6.30 p.m.–10 p.m.

Clear constellations?
Transnational Construction Procedures of Remembering, Achievement and Identity

The main issue of this night is to be highlighted by contributions about identity construction related to the person of the artist and about the idea of nationalities. Possibilities of narration and the handling of the memories of the past are to be critically discussed.

Presentation/moderation: Nathalie Koger, Miriam Kathrein

Opening address: Marion von Osten

    • "Rückkehr der Zombies" / “Return of the Zombies” (2011),
      film contribution by and with Rubina Hämmerle
    • "coming home – daily structures of life" (2000/2002), film contribution by Jun Yang
    • "Return of the Ghostbusters", lecture by Kevin Dooley
    • "Soshana" (2011), film contribution by and with Cana Bilir-Meier and Julian Stockinger

Break (8.45 p.m., 15 min.)

    • "Erinnerungsorte 'Aktion T4': Hilda Slavik" / “Sites of Remembrance ’Action T4’: Hilda Slavik” (2011 film contribution by and with Christoph Kolar

Subsequently reception and drinks

Friday, 28 October 2011, 6.30 p.m.–10 p.m.

Passwords? To the causative power of art and politics

Construction mechanisms, already discussed as a key issue on the previous night, will be on the agenda once again, with emphasis on the interaction of institutions and those participating in them. Examples of acquisition, resistance and alternative networks within existing systems will be highlighted. Presentation/moderation: Claudia Lomoschitz, Thomas Ballhausen

    • "Community Garden" (2005_2010), film contribution by Ruth Kaaserer
    • "Staatsbürgerschaft ? / Nationality?" (2003), film contribution by and with Petja Dimitrova
    • "Raumintervention xhibit", project presentation by Julia Hay and Natascha Muhic
    • "Studierendenproteste 2009" / “Students’ Protests 2009” (2009), film contribution by Edo Marinkov

Break (8.10 p.m., 20 min.)

    • "State of Sabotage", film excerpts by and with Robert Jelinek
    • "Empire me" (2011), excerpts from Paul Poet’s film

Subsequently reception and drinks


Saturday, 29 October 2011, 11 a.m.–3 p.m., morning session

Uncalled Spirits? To the contextualization of archives and collections

The main issue of this day is the role of archives and collections in knowledge production and historiography. The focus will be on forms of alternative history-writing, as well as on the reproduction of the existing canons.The discussion is to highlight neglected positions and untold narratives. Presentation/moderation: Natascha Muhic, Julia Hay

    • Contribution by representatives of the “Platform Historical Politics”
    • "Wenn nein: was gedenken Sie zu tun?, Österreichs Kolonialgeschichte in Bild und Wissenschaft"/ “If no: What are you intending to do?, Austria’s colonial history in picture and science” (2011), video by Katharina Morawek

Break (12.30 p.m., 15 min.) (12.30 h, 15 min.)

    • "Archivierung zwischen Wunsch und Wahn" / “Archiving between Wish and Phantasm”,
      film examples and talk with Thomas Ballhausen
    • "Der Rabe" / “The Raven” (1951), film contribution by Kurt Steinwendner
    • "Reflexion" (1961), film excerpt by Edith Hirsch