nathalie koger

Portrait by Karin Cheng, 2013

choreography is the organization of space and time

film is the organization of space and time

and people

form is the outcome based on structures

I get attracted to the


and review

of bahavior patterns

a set of prerequisites



in a social and historical point of view




Rosa John / fimkoop Vienna / Film Studies at University of Vienna



Currently (2011- aimed until 2015) I am an emerging artist "on the road", more accurately "off the road", watching out for diverse locations, professional encounters, national, international, transnational, and using residency programs to continue and elaborate my artistic work. If I have to define my interests, I would mention the following: embodiment, somatics, appropriation, spatial encounters, montage, curatorial thinking and, of course, film.   

My media are conversation, publications, photography and moving images, in general, images produced with light. I learned a lot from contemporary performance, choreography and collaboration as methodology and tool, as well as Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at large. There are a number of professionals who cast inspiration on me.




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