nathalie koger

Internalized Image

2014 | Apple Pro Res 422, 3´52´´, colour, stereo-sound 



The video depicts a short experimental portrait of a muezzin student who goes far beyond his apparent limitations and offers a divine contact with himself beyond religious ideology, in my point of view. 



Screenshot / Nathalie Koger / Internalized Image
Screenshot / Nathalie Koger / Internalized Image







A muezzin student can be seen presenting the Islamic call -Adhan- by invitation into the studio. Up until this part of my stay as Artist in Residence in Indonesia, I had only perceived the call by listening. This sparked a desire in me to contact muezzins and witness the bodily act by visual perception and to give them a visual personality. This student was brought along without any prearrangement and he created the most astonishing moment for me (with the awareness of being filmed and having the people on the set as spectators and listeners): the profound communication of the self with his body, the vocal expression as deity itself.



Adhan student – Panca

Caretaker, teacher and singer in the mosque – Pak Dani

Production assistant – Mira Octaviani

Lighting – Yaumul Huda

Sound Mastering – Robert Kaiser / Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Invitation, director, camera, sound, editor – Nathalie Koger


With support of Sewon Art Space Indonesia, Bm:ukk (Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg