nathalie koger

London fog, 8 Uhr

2010 | installation and photography

Say Goodbye to Olafur Eliasson

2010 | Extended photography

installation view
back projection screen
237 x 178 cm
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
installation view
photography installation
C-print on aluminum / 159 x 105,4 cm
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Collection Society of
Friends of the Fine Arts Vienna

The image is determined by the distance of the photographer and by the focal distance. In the close-up and using a wide focus the window cross disappears, rendering the illusion of a misty landscape. Contours are only produced by gaining distance to the image. This work is a personal reminiscence of and homage to the work Your black horizon, by Olafur Eliasson, Venice Biennale 2005.

„A temporary pavilion was constructed on the grounds of the monastery to house the exhibit, consisting of a square room painted black with one source of illumination – a thin, continuous line of light set into all four walls of the room at the viewers eye-level, serving as a horizontal division between above and below.“

image for invitation card
(on the occasion of the Birgit-Jürgenssen-Award)
installation view
„Say Goodbye to Olafur Eliasson“
C-print and label framed
each 20,5 x 29,5 cm
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna