nathalie koger

translating a border

2012 | (with co-director Simona Obholzer)
From the episode series walk across four borders (2012–2015) | HD, Apple Pro Res, 16:9, Colour, Mono, 13' 13''
Each year the material will be re-edited when the further chapter is created. The next border episode will be realized in 2014 and the same time the material for further presentation re-worked. 



A voice, the fictitious person belonging to which is mentally localizing himself in the forest, describes off-screen, from his point of view, the qualities of the forest. Further translations take place by means of diverse pictographic and lingual symbols being faded in. The camera images, quiet and rich in detail, are being interrupted again and again by the movement of a group of people. Based on the colour characteristics of the forest, the video sequence keeps all the time building up a diagnostic image of the environment being passed through, an image enabling also the storyteller to arrive at diverse conclusions on the economic procedures – having undergone changes since 1989 – and on the ecology of the forest.

The walk across the border from Austria to Slovenia was filmed by involving a local party of people. While watching our filmed and edited images, a forester described the nature shots, commenting on them, from his point of view. The video was conceived, due to Christian Philipp Müller’s personal assignment (associated with Nathalie Koger: Projects and Assignments, saprophyt / Wien, 2011), in connection with "Green Border". This project takes place in cooperation with Simona Obholzer, this one being the first out of four episodes.



Camera: Nathalie Koger, Mathias Windelberg and Simona Obholzer

Editing: Nathalie Koger & Simona Obholzer

With the kind support of K.U.L.M., Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, MA7 Vienna 


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