nathalie koger

challenging ...

Barbara Toifl-Soreff

In the process of challenging the issue, production once again coincides with reception. By distancing itself from possible forms of deconstruction and acquisition, the process gets removed from the concept of appropriation as borrowed from property logics. Remote from that, the procedure resembles rather an attentively pursued dialogue with the subject matter and its adaptation. Internal and external elements are preserved as constituents, but simultaneously – due to the concentrated comprehension of the external, namely by a partial withdrawal of the internal – mere addition is overcome and directed to a new external being. The nexus towards dispossession is dissolved in this treatment of alterity. Utilizations of performative and spatial character can, by a kind of inversion, be examined as for their forms of encounter. Diverse acts of relation, like demarcation, response, enrichment, resistance, approval, refusal, or their absence, differentiate and discuss attributions of appropriation, as well as the intentional act of taking possession of the world, which, concept-historically, art has been generally credited with, as regards aesthetic acquisition.


translated by Péter Litván