nathalie koger


On the Work Was ausgestellt wird
Dr. Hildegard Fraueneder

The artistic attitude of Nathalie Koger, graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, can be characterized, according to Gabrielle Cram, by the fact that in her oeuvre of films and photos she attempts to seize diverse existing narratives and to place them into concrete contexts in situ, and simultaneously into a mode of interrelations suitable for discussion, which enables the re-writing, the inscription and the transcription of both, history and stories. Thus, for example, the 16 mm-film entitled “On show”, shot in the Ambrosi Museum, Vienna, presents a discussion with the dispositive of the exhibition room, associated with Ambrosi’s dubious Nazi-past: whirling a hoop, a hula-girl dances across the exhibition room, and taking a casual glance at the exhibition objects, smiling, she slings on past them, while she actually tries to catch them, by throwing the hoop, like a lance – and hereby reminding of an Amazon – into the space of the room; at last she mounts the platform of a circular piece of furniture, projecting like a plinth in the exhibition room, serving as an imaginary surrogate for a re-interpretation of the sculptural locations. By contrasting the subject representing free movement with the statuary character of the exhibition pieces, a space arises in-between, needed to create images of space-appropriation without occupying a territory, giving a chance to think of the passing-away of dichotomized systems of thought.

translated by Péter Litván