nathalie koger

generative space

Miriam Kathrein

Nathalie Koger’s artistic challenge is practising montage; her media are exhibition and installation. Curatorial strategies become subtexts of her artistic approach, by adding works of other artists and by inviting participants into her installations. In this way, she establishes new relationships, thereby consciously expanding her work.

Koger’s artistic discourse is about the re-localization of the protagonists in her exhibitions, about the continuation and re-writing of the stories they have been involved in that far, made up from the biographies of the people selected or of the objects found, from which she develops new narrative lines. Consisting mostly of films and photos, her work gains structure by a permanent choreography of the stories, of the space and of the viewers. Resulting from this, Koger’s installations are space-embracing, performative, but also space-descriptive acts, ushered in by a gesture referring to the viewers, with the artist herself as starting point.

translated by Péter Litván